Our services
Digital Marketing
Website development
An online business audit
We will fully analyse all the information about you online. We will update your company cards and make recommendations on how to optimise your information to generate interest and trust in your product.
From $750
Make your website clearer to the end user, using our years of experience with analytical systems. Ultimately, we will increase the conversion rate of your website and product sales.
From $1100
We will study the marketing strategies of your direct competitors and related products, and then make an optimal action plan to attract customers for your business.
From $4100
Web analytics
We will set up and integrate analytics systems into your business to study user behaviour on the website. We will set all your objectives and set up end-to-end analytics so that you will know exactly what makes a potential client change his mind and exclude such situations in the future.
From $950
SEO optimization and promotion
We will set up and edit your website so that it regularly attracts customers from Google and Yandex search engines.
From $1250
Comprehensive marketing
Make for you a complete and detailed strategy for the promotion, and then implement it "turnkey". We guarantee a positive result and increase in profits.
From $7000
Contextual advertising
We will choose the semantics for your website, create an advertising campaign on the basis of catchy ads and with their help we will bring clients from search engines.
From $550
Websites on the Tilda platform
We will create from scratch or implement according to your TOR a creative and modern turnkey website that will represent your business in the digital space.
From $1400
We will develop a strategy for presenting your products in social networks, and think of the image and style of communication with the audience. We will generate interesting content, developing pages of your business in social networks.
From $650

Self-written sites
We will develop a complex multilevel project for your purposes (for example, a portal or an online shop) on the latest technologies and then implement it.
From $4100

Graphic design
Thoroughly study the image and philosophy of the business, and then make your advertising materials more attractive and relevant to the objectives of the company.
From $700
We will bring your product to marketplaces, design cards, launch sales. Make sure that the consumer will have no doubt in the quality of your product.
From $700

Targeted advertising
Create ads that will draw attention and bring customers to your business quickly and creatively.
From $650